Printing large genealogy charts

We discussed this and I said I would get some prices

Linda’s 9 generation fan chart is 24 by 36

Costco – call it a photo – from a jpg file – 24 in by 36 in  is the largest size they do (hope I am not offending any metric enthusiasts?) – cost $15.99

Staples – call it a poster – prefer pdf file – 24 in by 36 in costs $30 – again I think this is the largest size they can do

Both places can do smaller charts – and presumably for lower costs

Has anyone found anything better? more affordable?  – in Central Alberta

What is your file is not a jpg?  Then you will have to use a file converter – this can be software you download or a web site – does anyone have any recommended favourites?

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One Response to Printing large genealogy charts

  1. Peter: At (my Heritage Makers site) I can do customized posters — lots of background choices to make charts appealing. The 18×24 will run you $18.75-$25.00, depending on how many you need.

    The info doesn’t need to be a jpeg as any information can be entered via text.

    Another great thing using this is that at any time it can be modified for additional copies if more information is gathered.

    I offer help with ‘getting it right’ with setting up the poster for anyone who needs it.

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