Family Stories Are Important

“What would our great grandchildren wish we had done?”
(Dennis Brimhall, CEO FamilySearch, speaking at the opening session of RootsTech 2013 in Salt Lake City, 21 March 2013)

What does he mean?

We are making history every day of our lives. What are we doing about recording, preserving and sharing our lives? How will our great grandchildren learn about our lives? As we try to learn about our ancestors do you ever wish they had left us more information about their lives?

Are we recording, gathering, preserving, and sharing the richness and fabric of our lives? What records are we keeping of our families?

Dennis shared the story of his father in WW2 when his bomber was blown out of the air over Germany and only two survived. His father didn’t want to talk about it, but a daughter wrote a book to capture this life experience, preserve it, and share it.

Stories bind us together more than names, dates, and places.

People don’t really exist until we know their stories.

What stories do we have in our families? How are we recording, gathering, preserving, and sharing them?

Great grandchildren will want remembrances of us and our lives. What may seem ordinary today will seem extraordinary in 50 years.

Let’s gather, record, preserve, and be ready to share family stories.

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One Response to Family Stories Are Important

  1. Great article Peter. I am a Personal Publishing Consultant with a company called Heritage Makers. At Heritage Makers, our goal is to make preserving family stories simple, fun, and rewarding. Heritage Makers helps people everywhere create beautiful, heirloom quality storybooks which document the priceless relationships, events, and experiences of life. As a Consultant it is my job to walk people through the process of getting the important stories that they need or want to tell down and published. I hold free workshops in order to ‘spread the word’ in and around Central Alberta.

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