Some items from Rootstech 2013 – Rootsmagic for the mac and

We had a great time  at RootsTech 2013 in Salt Lake City.  There were over 6700 people registered.  It was held in the Salt Palace Convention Centre.  How big is the convention centre?  There were 3 conferences being held simultaneously!  Rootstech took just over half the facility!

We went with some questions in our mind:

1.  Where is a Mac version of RootsMagic?  We were able to talk to Bruce Buzbee, author of RootsMagic – there was a large hall full of vendors – lots of opportunities to learn!  A Mac version is still under development.  It has been delayed by the release of the Mountain Lion OS by Apple and by changes being made at FamilySearch – as RootsMagic wants to be able to integrate with FamilySearch.  OK – but when?  I don’t think there is any date – and I think we need to think it is going to be awhile . . . .  sad . . . .  In the meantime the best way to use RootsMagic on a Mac is through Crossover – which emulates Windows without making you buy a copy of Windows.  There may be some price advantage of getting Crossover by using the link on the RootsMagic website. There is a free version of RootsMagic and a 14 day trial version of Crossover if you want to try this.

2.  Why is so popular?  – Maybe we’re the only people who don’t know? We’re all in favour of products that help people do their Family History! is number 2 in popularity (according to as a family history website and is growing fast.  The company started in a garage in Israel, spread across Europe and now North America.  They have offices just south of Salt Lake. Recently they bought World Vital Records and Geni among others. We’ve tried the free account. . . .  We spent hours between sessions at the MyHeritage booth – which was one of the largest at the conference – asking why and how?  They have a large number of family trees shared by members and use technology called Smart Matches and Record Matches.  We heard the My Heritage keynote speech on the Saturday morning – the session was sponsored by My Heritage (we have shared our notes below).  Then they offered 500 people a free Premium Plus and data membership for 6 months  . . . .  and we were fastfooted enough to get one, so in 6 months we should know more!  Maybe some of you would like to comment on My Heritage?   I must say I like the idea of My Heritage working for me while I sleep!

Notes from Keynote by MyHeritage:

Speaker Ori Soen, My Heritage  Chief Marketing Officer:

Our vision:  Bring Family history to everyone

From garage to multinational

Launched 2005

2nd largest genealogy company in the world

Speaker James Tanner – Genealogy’s Star blogger and a My Heritage user:

What do genealogists want?  really someone do all the work for us – little elves in the night

Family tree sites with Tech tools – to match and find

My Heritage features:

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Automation 

My Heritage works in 40 languages –

Families reunited

Has smart matching of names and record matching to historical record when records are available

Also matches to newspaper archives (- this was amazing when demonstrated – we’re talking about matching to words in the actual image of the article!)

97% accuracy at My Heritae

In April My Heritage will be saving all the matches to your tree automatically

Recommended records – after matches goes and looks for more matches

Geni is now part of My Heritage

Automation is the next big breakthrough

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