The New Look at – where do I find things now?!?!

It is always nice to have a fresh new look  . . . .  even on a web site – but often that results in not knowing where things are.  Where are Historical Records?  Where is the wiki?  Where is the catalog?

This helpful guide kindly provided by our friend Bill Buchanan will help us find things at the new look

Don’t stop reading until you get to the very helpful summary at the end!


This may be the first thing you see. – it won’t always appear!

You can click on “See what’s new” to view some of the new features.

If this does not come up, you can still view it at:

A slide-show of rotating screens may be displayed. Clicking a link or a button will take you on to the next stage.

(Note: If this next image is not big enough – click once on it!)


On the Top Menu – at the top edge of the screen – always watch for these:

1. Family Tree will take you to the Family Tree – remember you can only go there if you are signed in.

2. Photos will take you to the place where you can add Photos and Stories.

3. Search takes you to these menus choices: RECORDS  GENEALOGIES  CATALOG  BOOKS

  • RECORDS is the official historical records that you can use as primary sources.
  • GENEALOGIES is the collection of patron-contributed genealogies (such as Pedigree Resource File and Ancestral File)
  • CATALOG is the Family History Library Catalog of non-digitized records on microfilm.
  • BOOKS is a collection of over 40,000 digitized book that are useful for family history research. 

The menu choices at the bottom of the graphic overlap those at the top.

Fan Chart is another way of viewing (and printing) the Family Tree. You can click to navigate it.

Photos takes you where you can add Photos and Stories

Family Tree is the normal view of the Family Tree

Family Records is the same as the SEARCH link – takes you to Historical Records and more

Indexing  takes you to FamilySearch Indexing

Live Help takes you to where you can search for the closest Family History Center or view the FHL.

The Get Help link in the upper right-hand corner, brings up choices of how to get help:


  • The arrow and screen is for screen sharing (Teamviewer)
  • Call us (toll-free support calls)
  • Live Chat (support chat)
  • In-Person Help (at a FHC)
  • Send a Message (support)
  • Help Center What kind of help do you need?:

Product Support Get help with any of the family history tools provided by FamilySearch.

Research Assistance A community of researchers is ready to assist you with your questions. aka the Wiki

Getting Started Watch video tutorials, read step-by-step guides, and connect to other beginners.

Learning Center A variety of free, online courses for beginners to advanced researchers. Take a course

Hints:  1. Live Help means connecting you to someone who will help you.  2. Research Assistance means the research wiki. 3.  Clicking on the word FamilySearch in the top left hand corner takes you back to the main page (just like clicking on the tree used to do)

At the bottom of most screens you will see: About Blog Feedback Language

About has information about FamilySearch and a link to Products (PAF etc.)

Blog is the FamilySearch Blog with insights into our future and our past

Feedback gives access to:

  • Self-help This is the familiar Help Center, where you can search for answers, view training, etc.
  • Local Assistance Family History Consultants in your Ward or find a nearby FamilySearch Center
  • Contact FamilySearch Chat or Email or Phone
  • My Cases View your previous cases here
  • Feedback Report a problem or Share your ideas 

Language allows you to easily switch to any of the 10 supported languages.

Summary Where is:

  • Historical Records – click on Search on the main page – top menu or beneath graphic
  • Research Wiki – Go to Get Help (top right) then Help Center and then Research Assistance
  • Family Tree – on main page!
  • Help Centre  – Go to Get Help (top right) then Help Center and then Product Support
  • Catalog – click on Search on the main page – top menu or beneath graphic
  • Online courses –  Go to Get Help (top right) then Help Center and then Learning Center
  • Blog – for news articles – at the bottom of the page

How do you get to the main front page?  Click on the word FamilySearch in the top left corner.

What has been added that is new? Includes:

  1. Interactive fan chart is a view in Family Tree
  2. Section on Photos and stories

Enjoy looking around – become familiar with the new format

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