Getting Your Family Interested in Family History

So, you are passionate about family history.  You have done some research, learned something about your ancestors and feel that special connection to them.

How do we involve other members of the family and help them to learn to love their ancestors?  My wife is really good at this!  One of the things she has done is bake a birthday cake to celebrate the birth of an ancestor, and then, after we have sung happy birthday and are busy eating our cake and ice cream, she will share stories and information about the ancestor.   Just to be clear – we don’t do this for every ancestor in our family tree.   I’m in favor, but too much cake and ice cream could become a health hazard.  Just start with parents and grandparents.  When my father turned 100 we had a great cake and celebration!

It doesn’t hurt that my wife makes a great cake!  Our grandchildren always enjoy these times too!

Most desktop family history programs will help you track birthdays for your ancestors!

My daughter-in-law has a picture wall that has photographs of couples and individuals from the family tree laid out as a tree.  What a great idea!

These thoughts came to my mind recently when I read an article by Barry Ewall “Ideas to Make Remembering Ancestors Fun for Your Family,” published in Deseret News on 1 June 2013.  Barry offers several interesting suggestions.

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