How to Find New and Updated resources at Library and Archives Canada – and a Petition Urging Release of the 1921 Canada Census

I was tipped off by Dick Eastman (go to ) who said that the 1825 Census was now available.  As someone who has no known Canadian ancestry I really am not familiar with the 1825 Census!

I did a Google search for Library and Archives Canada, went to the web site and found nothing!  Although, after much clicking I did find a link to the 1825 Census at !  Then I looked further down the results list and noticed a second, different address for Library and Archives Canada!‎    One click on the link Census (in left sidebar) and I got to the page with all the available censuses from Library and Archives Canada!  Great!

The 1825 Census is not the only new resource!

There is also now available online the 1831 Census!

Before you get too excited let me clarify that these are only for Lower Canada – who knew of an Alberta in 1825!  Also only Heads of families are named.  The rest of the family are just counted and reported as a number.  See what you can find if you have Canadian ancestry.

There is also an new version of the 1871 Federal Census (Ontario only).  In the Coming Soon category are the 1842 Census of Canada East, the 1842 Census of Canada West, and the Census of 1861 (Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island).

There is no mention of the 1921 Canada Census.  Where and why are they hiding it?  There is now a petition urging the government to release this census (for more information on this see: and )

More signatures are needed!  Go to to sign the petition!

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