Canadian Military Records

We are always pleased by the many great questions we are asked at presentations we make!

Someone asked about where to find Canadian Military records.  Linda has really enjoyed having a copy of her father’s military records.

Those who know us and how we teach will expect us to refer first to the wiki at!

With the changes at FamilySearch this can now be easily accessed by clicking on Search at the top of the main page then looking for the link to the wiki on the next page.

You also go directly to the wiki by typing into your address bar!

I always prefer to search for the country first.  Canada is easy to spell – and select the first result which takes you to the main Canada page.  Then click on the link in the list on the left for Military Records

Why not just search for Canada Military Records?  More typing, more room for errors . . . and I always like to be familiar with the resources on the main page for the country – you only get to be familiar by going there often.  I often find new and interesting things.

The wiki article on Canada Military Records is a good comprehensive article.  Particularly note the sections on World War 1 and 2, and the links to websites including government of Canada and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

In this case I wouldn’t answer this question without also making sure that we looked at the official government of Canada answer.  The following link takes you to the Canadian Government website which contains additional information:

Note the distinction between Open and Restricted Records.  Open records are available online for those servicemen who died in World War Two.   All other service records are considered Restricted and there are conditions given for access.  An address is given for you to send your application for a copy of records

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