Plans for the Future from FamilySearch

Recently FamilySearch held their annual department business meeting.  I’ve been to these very interesting meetings in the past.  They used to begin with words something like “what you see today is not to be shared with people outside of this room.”

This year FamilySearch has published a summary of the meeting which is great!

  1. More volunteers are needed!
  2. FamilySearch continues to work with partners to make more genealogical records available.  (we were at Rootstech 2013 when and FamilySearch announced a partnership to make 1 billion records available over the next 5 years).  Here is a quote from the FamilySearch Blog (CEO corner):
  • Records are best when used:  Sharing FamilySearch’s record collection with partners allows more people to discover their ancestors.  The more our records get used, the more ancestors will be discovered.
  • The more we share, the more others share with us: By sharing our records with partners, the partners have agreed to share their records and other experiences with FamilySearch, which will ultimately help more people discover their families.
  • The family tree is key: When people discover their families, we want to be sure that those discoveries are captured in the FamilySearch Family Tree.  FamilySearch is working and will continue to work with partners to connect partner experiences to the Family Tree, making it even easier for people to discover their families.

3. Familysearch continues to work with the challenge of making access available in many languages as well as providing support in multiple languages.

4. There will be a new version of the Indexing program in 2014 (web browser based without a separate program to download) – and a new website. (1) indexing makes more records available to the public for searching; (2) indexing records helps attract and engage beginners; and (3) we need a lot more indexes, which means we need a lot more indexers

5.  There are plans to make a FamilySearch mobile app available in 2014! Both Android and Apple IOS were mentioned.  They talked about being able to take photos and videos with your mobile device and add them directly to FamilySearch Family Tree.  Here is a link to a demo of using the app with FamilySearch Family Tree:,AAAAsMO7iuE~,0a6boL_aMzSw_yxPb4s-860v3o94zt2u&bctid=2686136217001

6.  Finally – and this I find encouraging – “in an eight-year period, new FamilySearch received about 56 thousand new sources. Since the introduction of Family Tree earlier this year, there have been more than 6,400,000 new sources added.”  (personal comment: – Is there anything more frustrating than finding something on the Internet without any source given?  This is particularly a problem with online trees it seems)

2014 looks like an exciting year at FamilySearch!

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