Release of the New Year BMD images on ScotlandsPeople – birth images for 1913, marriage images for 1938 and death images for 1963

Announcement from Scotlandspeople:

“We’re delighted to announce that the New Year images are now available on the ScotlandsPeople website. So you can now view images of the Scottish statutory records for births in 1913, marriages in 1938 and deaths in 1963.

These digital images of the official records are released under the legislation that allows the publication of birth, marriage and death (BMD) records that were registered in Scotland more than 100, 75 and 50 years ago.

The total number of BMD (birth, marriage and death) images that were added to the website early in the morning of 1st January 2014 is 94,537 – comprising 46,109 birth images, 23,310 marriage images and 25,118 death images.

We’ve been looking at some of these new BMD records and have uncovered some terrific personal stories behind the documents. In particular, we loved the story about the marriage in Glasgow on 5 January 1938 between a German poetess and a lion tamer – we do hope that she was an ailurophile and he a lover of poetry! We plan to highlight the story of this exotic wedding, as well as some other interesting stories and statistics from the New Year images, in our January 2014 newsletter.

If you’ve been waiting to see some of these new BMD images, just go to the Statutory Registers section on the left side of page (below the ScotlandsPeople logo), choose the set of records you wish to search – i.e. Births, Marriages or Deaths – and then do a search for the record you’re looking to view.”

Thanks to Dick Eastman for alerting us to this news

Our Thoughts and Prayers Today Go Out to Our Friend Dick Eastman who is lying in a hospital bed recovering from surgery for a perforated appendix. We hope you have a speedy recovery, Dick.

Dick writes Eastman’s Online Genealogical Newsletter.

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