Where in the World Do You Find More Crista Cowan Presentations?

At the recent Red Deer RootsTech FH Fair we showed the presentation by Crista called “Getting the Most Out of Ancestry.com.”  Catchy title!  A very helpful presentation and very popular.

Afterwards I seemed to keep getting asked – where can I get more presentations from Crista Cowan?  It wasn’t easy for me to answer standing there at the conference . . . So we hope this helps:

  1. Want to see her presentation again?  go to https://rootstech.org/about/videos/?id=3168869866001
  2. Crista – aka the Barefoot Genealogist – is regularly available on live broadcasts most Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11 am Mountain time.  Go to  http://livestream.com/ancestry
  3. Past broadcasts by Crista are archived at YouTube – go to http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_z95MpwfyDtnFJ4R0mq5zyOInP2_t6YC
  4. Links to articles by Crista can be found at http://blogs.ancestry.com/ancestry/author/ccowan/

Crista is a very informative and very entertaining presenter.  We hope this will help you hear more from her so you can hold out until the next RootsTech Conference. . . .

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