Are we searchers or researchers?

The 2015 Annual Conference of the National Genealogical Society in the United States has just ended – wish I could have been there!  I was very interested in some comments reported by the Ancestry Insider on a presentation by Crista Cowan – one of my favourite presenters – entitled “Maximizing your Search on”

“One challenge we have as genealogists is that we have become searchers, not researchers, Crista said. A researcher thinks about what they are searching for and then takes steps to find that thing. Another mistake is that we think we are looking for people. But we are not searching for people; we are looking for records about people.”  Ancestry Insider 19 May 2015.

Do we search for a person to fill a gap in our tree and then stop when we find them rather than doing research to learn about their lives?  Sometimes the first thing we find may be inaccurate and lead to poor conclusions.  We are fortunate to live at a time when every week there are new resources available to help us with our research.

You might want to read the rest of the article.  Here’s the link – there was a second part to the article on 20 May.

Thank you Ancestry Insider

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