FamilySearch Combines Indexes and Record Images in a Single View

A blog posting at FamilySearch on June 22 announced a new feature and this one I think is very helpful.  When you search in the Historical Records collection – remember this is where all the results of Indexing are available – and find a record you want to see you can click on the camera on the right to get a screen where the top panel on the screen is the image and below the image is a panel with the indexed information!  This is great to see both side by side!  You can still zoom in on the image or move it around without changing the text at the bottom of the screen.  Similarly you can scroll within the indexed information without moving the image!

Here is an example.  I searched in the BC Marriage collection – to get there I went to clicked on the menu Search and selected Records. I could search the entire Historical Records collection but I used the map to select Canada, then clicked on British Columbia on the list, and selected the collection British Columbia Marriage Registrations 1859 to 1932.  This search is for my wife’s Aunt Almida – so I just put in her first name, Almida and clicked search – there can’t be many people called Almida getting married in BC . . . her full name was Almida Erickson –   and there she was Almida marrying Olof Albert Peterson – second result!  I clicked on her name to get the details and then looked to the right to see a camera icon – meaning that there is an image available (which is not true for all searches in the Historical Records) – and then clicked on the camera icon to the view the document – you’re only seeing the top half of the marriage certificate in the following image – I can scroll down on the image to see the rest of the certificate:

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.30.26 PM

Try it yourself – a great new feature

Congratulations FamilySearch – and thank you

Here is the link to the blog article:

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