Good News if you are Researching in Ireland

The National Library of Ireland has announced the availability online of Catholic Church parish registers. Over 1000 parishes totally nearly 400,000 register pages at no cost to use!

Go to

This is just the images of the pages.  There is no index – yet?? – hopefully someone will create an index— another example of why the FamilySearch indexing project is so vital – please consider giving a little of your time to help – go to to get started.

You do need to know your Irish parish!!! – or at least a diocese. I tried the web site.  It was very easy to use and I was very impressed with the images.

If you’re having challenges with your Irish Family History you may find this site to be helpful  – the right sidebar says “Irish genealogy research is famous for being difficult, if not impossible. This reputation isn’t entirely deserved, although there can be some fundamental difficulties in discovering your Irish ancestry, particularly if you don’t know where your ancestors lived. That’s why I launched my website, Irish Genealogy Toolkit. It’s a free online guide to Irish family history research, and it’s designed to help you to find your heritage” – almost makes me wish I had Irish ancestors! – with a name like Darby you think I would have some!

Plus Irish researchers are also recommended to use The Irish Times Irish Ancestors ( ) and Roots Ireland ( )  which are linked to from within searches at the National Library of Ireland Catholic Registers.

Thank you to Dick Eastman (   ) and Peter Calver at LostCousins ( )  for making me aware of this.

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