Please Help the WorldWide Indexing Event

When?  During the week of Aug 7 to 14

Why?  Help “fuel the find”  – we all like to type in a name and search for an ancestor – now we can help make more names available – or find someone who can help do this?  – maybe someone with skills in a language other than English?

“Fuel the Find?” Indexed records are like the fuel that gives the power to connect people to their missing family members. Every name you index adds another drop of precious fuel that can help others find their ancestors.

What do we do?  Index one batch and help someone else to do the same  – especially if you know someone with skills in a language other than English.  If you don’t know how to index then go to for help with getting started.

You can contribute even if you don’t index a single name!

Hint:  Download a batch or several batches before the week begins – you can even work offline.  The goal is to have 100,000 people index a batch during the week.

For more information go to: and follow the links on that page

Will you help others find their ancestors?

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