Digital Resources for Research in Manitoba

Recently I was helping a good friend with his research, and wanted to find some local resources available online.  A few days later our copy of Relatively Speaking – the journal of the Alberta Genealogical Society – arrived and my wife pointed out a website recommended in an article!

The website is – and no, that is not a typo! It is Manitobia! – and there is free access to all the information!

What will you find there?  There are five sections:  books, newspapers, maps, photographs, and K-12 Schools.

I first went to the books section hoping that I might find a few digital books . . . and I was very pleased to see that this was a collection of digitized local histories – and then I looked down the list of places and it went on and on – there are 167 place with local histories!  I really wish I could find some Manitoba ancestors!  And some of the places have more than book! These are full books in pdf format!  It might take a little time to download a book onto the screen but you can right click and save a copy.

You will have a similar good time exploring the newspaper, map and photo sections, but I wondered what there was in the K-12 School section . . .  It is organized by some interesting historical themes including Immigration and Settlement.

All in all a great site!  I wonder if someone would loan me an ancestor from Manitoba?

Are there similar resources for Alberta?  Come back next week and find out!

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