Tips for selecting a Genealogy Program for Your Computer

If you do a google search for the best genealogy program you find the link to Top Ten Reviews.  Certainly some interesting information.  There is a separate list for Mac users.   Clicking on Sort by Standard Rankings creates the Top Ten List .   Again interesting, but then I see that they are advertising to sell software so I wonder how unbiased they are? – they have a featured program that may not be the number one in their top ten ranking.

What is an alternative?  Surprisingly just do a search for for genealogy program and you get a short but interesting article –  – and at the bottom there is link to a fairly comprehensive review of both Windows and Mac software.  This way you can see what programs are available on both platforms.   But maybe the list is a little long?  Look up product on the Top Ten web site and then look it up in the longer list.

If you have both Windows and Mac computers check to see that one purchase will give you the right to install the software on both computers!  One company made us pay twice – and  the mac version was much more expensive!

We hope this helps – but a test drive before buying is always best – so download a program that has a free version and take it for a drive!

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