Is this the season of surprises?

But I didn’t expect this one from!  In a blog article on Dec 8 Ancestry announces that they would be “retiring” their Family Tree Maker  (FTM) – click here for the article.

What is the timeline?  Sales will stop on 31 Dec 2015 – that’s not far away! Support will continue through 1 Jan 2017.

Why should I be concerned?  FTM is used by lots of people and while people can continue to use it – eventually it will have problems – depending on changes in operating systems and security.  What should FTM users move to?

If you wanted to download data from the Trees on then FTM was the way you could do that.

My advice to FTM users?  Take your time – and make sure you move to the software that best suits how you work.  Test drive test drive – lots of products let you use their free version.

Almost immediately RootsMagic announced an offer and support to FTM users – see here

Family Historian offered 20% off  – I need to learn something about that product! – and Family Tree Builder which is the software package owned by My Heritage announced a special offer for FTM users – but this is the season of gifts and goodwill anyway – so MacFamilyTree as usual for Christmas is 50% off – only on a Mac eh?

What will be interesting to see is if or how ancestry tries to enhance the views and reports on their website to make up for the loss of FTM.

We also hear that FTM users have launched a petition to try to force Ancestry to change their minds – click Here for more information


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