New digital collection at

We tend to think of as being  a great place to search a very large collection of family trees that people have submitted – and home to SuperSearch, which is a great tool for finding what you are looking for in the 6.4 billion historical records on the web site.

But there are some other very interesting things at MyHeritage . . .   one new addition to the site is a collection of over 150,000 digital books.  Where do you find them?  Scroll way down on the right under the heading Categories and click on Books and Publications.  Then click on Compilation of Published Sources to access “37,536,996 pages in 150,544 sources.  This collection includes a compilation of thousands of published books ranging from family, local and military histories, city and county directories, school, university and hospital reports, church and congregational minutes and much more. All records include images of the book’s pages. We are continually growing this collection“ (source MyHeritage web site).  Try searching by name.  Hope you find great things!

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