FamilySearch Research Wiki Updated

During the week before the Family History Conference on 19 March I was made aware of an update to the FamilySearch Research Wiki.  As I never teach without referring to this great resource I went to speak on the 19th March wondering what I would find at the wiki!  It wasn’t changed!  The update appeared at the beginning of the following .

What changed?  For the answer I went to the FamilySearch Blog where I found the following:

“The FamilySearch Research Wiki ( has been updated. We have moved to the most current, stable version of WikiMedia. This has made some changes to where you access options on the pages, but we can now correct problems we couldn’t fix in the earlier research wiki platform.

How is it different?

New URL. The wiki now has a new URL (

Navigation on the left. The update moves the navigation to the left side, making it consistent with other wikis using the MediaWiki software.

familysearch wikiPersonal Tools. In the earlier wiki, the Personal Tools option was on the right side. Those options are still available, but now when you sign in, they appear after your name in the top right portion of the screen.

Same articles. All the articles that were in the previous wiki are in the update.

Bookmarks still work. If you’ve bookmarked articles, when you click the bookmark, the system will redirect you to the new page.

New editing tool. When you add information to the wiki, you’ll now be using VisualEditor to format the information when you click the Edit tab. Clicking on the Edit Source tab will still allow you to edit in wikitext.

All browsers. You can now contribute to the wiki using any popular browser. (Chrome users rejoice!)

New look for the state and country pages. We are in the process of giving a new look to the state and country pages.”  Source:

I have looked at some of the new look pages for the USA and Canada – very nice!  The biggest difference I noticed was that the links to topics had been moved from the left to the right side of the screen.  Now that is a change that should not cause anyone a problem! The list of topics is now in 2 columns instead of one which is much more efficient use of space and cuts down on scrolling.  On the Canada page next to the big button for Online Records I noticed a button called Ask the Community – not activated yet – but that is an exciting prospect.

I liked the England page and the British Isles pages too!  Look around and enjoy!

As with any major change there are still some things to be updated and corrected so please help by using the link at the top of the page to report anything you see.

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