Can you download from Ancestry Trees?

Someone recently asked me if they could download the tree they had built on and move the data to another FH program or website.

The old standard answer was to find someone with FamilyTreeMaker on their computer – and, if they have the right version, there is an option to download from Ancestry on the first screen!  You get a GEDCOM* file that you can import to another program or upload to a website – I would always open that GEDCOM in a desktop FH program (use a free version like RootsMagic Essentials if you don’t have one) before pushing the information on to the internet – once you put it there it is out of your control – don’t you want to know what you are uploading and see what and how the data transferred from Ancestry?

This week I came across another solution.  I tried it and it worked!  And it was easy to do! Didn’t need any additional software.  It also gave me a GEDCOM file.  The article offers other types of FH data transfers – although I haven’t tried them.

The article is titled “How to Upload Your Tree to FindMyPast”  – just scroll down a short way and you will see the heading “How  to download a tree from Ancestry.”   Read on. Worked for me.   Hope it works for you.

Click Here for the the link:



*GEDCOM stands for GEnealogicalDateCOMmunication – like a text file for Family Historians – letting you move data from one program or website to another

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