Canadian Headstones

Looking for burial information for a Canadian ancestor?  Have you tried ?  This was a new website to me – thank you Dick Eastman for making me aware of the site.

The site invites you to “browse over  1,510,000 gravestone photo records from across Canada.” Simply pick your province or territory – which takes you to a page for that Province –  and then click on Cemeteries in the blue line of options near the top of the page.  Select Display Cemeteries within the complete province to get a list of all the cemeteries and the number of headstones in each cemetery.  Of course you could just go directly to a Search – but I like to see which cemeteries are available.

Who are Canadian Headstones?   “The mission of this project is to capture digital images and the complete transcription of  headstones of our ancestors. As decades pass, it is becoming harder – if not impossible – to read the inscriptions these stones originally contained. By archiving the images and transcriptions, these important records are saved.

This Headstone Photo Project is a non-profit organization. Success of the Project depends completely upon the activities of many volunteers and other individuals who contribute photographs to the archive.”

Access and searches are free – although they would welcome a donation.  They also allow ads to pay for the site – so watch where you click.

If you have a deceased Canadian ancestor it’s worth a try!

Alternatives would include:

Find a Grave –

Billion Graves –

The indexes to both Find a Grave and Billion Graves are included in searches of Historical Records at

For just in Alberta you should consider:

Alberta Genealogical Society (AGS) Cemetery Database – over 680,000 surnames – database – but only freely accessible online if you are a member of AGS

Alberta Family History Society has a cemetery database – – with over 197,000 names which is free to use

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