Changes Coming to Scotland’s People

OK I admit it – whenever I help one of my friends with their Scottish research I am envious!.  ScotlandsPeople   is a wonderful resource for those doing Scottish research.  But wait, you have to pay to use that site don’t you?  You can’t use free sites all the time.  You have to go to where the records are available – and, in the case of Scotlandspeople, for  a very modest fee you get great information.   I wish there was an EnglandsPeople or a CanadasPeople.  Imagine being able to get copies of your ancestors birth, marriage and death records online immediately and not having to wait weeks for the certificate to arrive in the mail as I do for my English certificates.  The nearest thing to the ScotlandsPeople experience is accessing British Columbia certificates on FamilySearch – and that is free of course!

I buy a few credits at a time at Scotlandspeople –  7 British pounds (less than $14) gets you 30 credits— a surname search is free and when I ask to see a page of index results (not the full details) I know it costs me one credit (less than 50 cents) – and then when I ask to see an actual certificate it costs me 5 credits (about $2.30) – where else can you buy a copy of a certificate for so little?  You can do a search for free and only pay if there are results to see.  I will admit that I search all the other resources first – FamilySearch, Ancestry, and FindMyPast – but the last 2 are subscription sites – and the 3 of them together don’t have the resources available at ScotlandsPeople.

Then this week I got an exciting announcement from ScotlandsPeople – they are going to be launching a new ScotlandsPeople web site.   I view these changes very positively – I know not everyone likes change – I like new resources, new ways of searching and better results.

Here is the announcement:  “ScotlandsPeople will be offline from 23.59 (BST) on Wednesday 21 September until Monday 26 September. This downtime is essential as we work towards the launch of our new ScotlandsPeople website.”

Time for a holiday from Scottish research?  Wonder what will be different after the break?

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