Certificates for British Civil Registration Available Online

I wish the title of this article were really true!  It’s nearly true – does that count?  If you’re really fast on your keyboards it will be true for a brief time starting 7 November! 

What are you talking about?  If you want a birth, marriage or death certificate for England and Wales you can order online at http://www.gro.gov.uk/  and receive a paper copy – eventually  through the mail – for 9.25 UK pounds.  Imagine how excited I was to read the latest edition of the Lost Cousin Newsletter  and discover that the General Register Office – they are the ones you order certificates from – is about to launch a trial for digital certificates for 6 pounds each.  This is great news.  Trial starts 7 Nov and only continues until 45,000 pdf certificates have been ordered – that may happen quickly – or 3 weeks, whichever comes first.  Read the article at http://lostcousins.com/newsletters2/specialnov16news.htm  This is a great newsletter and associated website.

In addition there are new and improved indexes on the website!  Wow – Christmas in November!  And – can you stand more? – improvements in information like maiden name of the mother and age at death.  Thank you Lost Cousins

Let’s hope the trial is successful and that online digital copies become the norm.

If this happens then you won’t have to watch Peter walking around saying I wish I was Scottish, because of all the great resources including certificates available on Scotlands People .

There is good news for those of you with Scottish ancestry as well – well I hope it’s good news?  There is a new updated version of the ScotlandsPeople web site.   Hopefully this will help you find your Scottish ancestors easier.  Be aware that the first time you use the new site you will be asked to change your password.  I haven’t used the new site very much yet – anyone got any Scottish research problems for me to work on?  If you want to try the new website without cost  . . .   maybe I am a frugal Scot?  . .. .  then remember that creating an account at ScotlandsPeople is free, its the seeing of results that costs money.  I always buy a few credits and then use them as I help people.  But if you search the 1881 Census on ScotlandsPeople there is not charge for the search as FamilySearch provided the index.

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