Online Irish BMD records – and update on the British online records

Are you interested in Irish research?  Have you tried this website recently?   Note: The en at the end of address indicates you are using the English rather than the Gaelige version of the website!

News on the website is that “Historic Civil Records are now available to view.”  What years are covered by the historic records of Births, Marriages and Deaths?

“The years covered by the release of the historic records of Births, Marriages and Deaths are:

Births: 1864 to 1915

Marriages: 1882* to 1940

Deaths: 1891* to 1965

The General Register Office are currently working on updating further records of Marriages dating back to 1845 and Deaths dating back to 1864.These will be included in future updates to the records available on the website.”

This is in addition to the Indexes that were already on the site.  When did this happen?  The announcement is dated 8 Sept 2016.

If you have Irish ancestors then please give it a try.

Update on British Online Records – the trial is underway.  Yes you get pdf versions of documents for 6 pounds instead of 9.25 – but you don’t get them immediately.  Lost Cousins reports that it takes up to 5 working days – thank you Lost Cousins for the update.

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