Family History Guide – a new FamilySearch Partner

This resource has been around for awhile but has recently been updated and enhanced – and is now a FamilySearch partner – and best of all the use of the site is free!

What do you find in the Family History Guide?   “The Family History Guide helps you get started – and get farther – with your family history. There are links to over 1,000 videos and articles, all integrated into a step-by-step learning plan for learners of all levels. Projects include Family Tree, Memories, Descendants or Ordinances, Discover (research for over 35 countries), Indexing, Help, and Technology. Classroom materials are also available for instructors who want to teach using The Family History Guide.”  (from  – where you will find more information and an introductory video)

This is a great tool for family historians at all skill levels. There is step by step help for new skills  and even activities to refresh your skills.  I frequently have people wanting help with basic computer skills.  At the Family History Guide under the Intro menu there is a section on Computer Basics – for both Windows and Mac users.

Please explore this website.

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