New Collection of Ukrainian Records from 1650 to 1920 is Online

“The database includes 2.56 million people and is expected to reach 4 to 5 million in 2019. The access to its contents is and will remain free of charge. The sources of data are manifold: birth registers, fiscal and parish censuses, lists of nobility, voters, the military, and victims of repressions, address directories, and other documents produced under the Tsardom of Muscovy, Russian and Habsburg Empires, Poland and the Soviet Union. A Roman-letter version of the data index is reportedly to be enabled in the coming months.” (

I first went to this site on my ipad and that was when I was reminded that I don’t read Ukrainian!  Then I used Google Chrome on my computer – and accepted the invitation for translation that appeared at the top of the screen – now I could read what was on the screen!

Now I do need to apologize to all my Ukrainian friends . . .   your language and alphabet are great!

Go to

Thank you to Dick Eastman who referred me to Euro Maiden Press  for this information

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