Web links for English and Scandinavian Researchers

Started reviewing some of the materials from the RootsTech 2015 Conference in Salt Lake.  Came across some great links to web sites!

Price and Associates is a company based in Salt Lake that offers professional genealogical services.  In addition their website offers resources free of charge for all of us.

Thomas McEntee’s Research Toolbox led me to  http://www.pricegen.com/resources/english-genealogy/  – what a great list of resources!  Plenty for a fun afternoon, evening or for days!

Then I thought about my wife and her Scandinavian roots . . . so I backed up a page to  http://www.pricegen.com/resources/ – which also had links to some articles, USA and North America links as well as Scandinavia – II clicked on Scandinavia and went to   http://www.pricegen.com/resources/scandinavia-genealogy/ – a nice collection of links

Hope you find something useful.

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Registrations for Red Deer Rootstech Family History Fait 2015 are now open!

21 March 2015 is the date
Details are at rdroots.wordpress.com
A link to an online registration tool is also at rdroots.wordpress.com
Why do we need registrations? We need to make plans for seats and especially for lunch. Remember the great lunch last year? We heard the feedback and extended the time for eating lunch this year!
Please please register

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Plan to Attend the Red Deer Family History Fair 2015

Mark your calendar!  Plan to attend!  21 March 2015 at the Bower Building of the LDS Church in south Red Deer.

Last year a very successful FH Fair was held in Red Deer – 200 people attended – but  . . . .  it was very cold . . .  So we took your feedback and made some changes – so that this year the FH Fair will be even better.

First – the FH Fair is one month later – hopefully it will not be as cold in late March as it was in February last year!!!  But then this is Alberta!  We will work hard to make sure there are no technical problems with the presentations .

Second – participants asked for more live sessions – and there will be one live session in every time block.

Third – participants suggested that the day was a little too long  . . . .  so this year it will be a little shorter – 4 sessions instead of 5.

Finally – Last year we were told that the lunch was great but the time to eat was too short – this year the time to eat will be longer – and we have the same wonderful people providing the food!

There will be 4 time blocks in the day – each an hour long – so you can attend 4 classes.  In each time block there will be one live presentation and a choice of 2 video presentations from the RootsTech 2015 Conference.

Like last year the Family History Centre will be open all day for participants wanting to do research or get help with research questions.

New this year will be a session for beginners and a session on solving brick walls.

Watch this blog and http://rdroots.wordpress.com/   for details on topics and speakers . . . .   and how to register.  Like last year the registration including lunch will be free.  Members of the Red Deer Stake of the LDS Church and the Red Deer Branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society are supporting the event.

Plan to attend – and invite your friends!

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GenealogyInTime Publishes Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2015

We were excited to see the latest list of the Top 100 Genealogy Websites of 2015 published by GenealogyInTimeMagazine.  Click on this link to go to the article. Page one provides some background information.  Page two is the actual list.

We  were of course pleased to see FamilySearch.org move from #3 to #2 in the list!

Page three looks at the top 10 in more detail – and identifies their strengths

Very interesting article – thank you, GenealogyInTime Magazine

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Christmas Greetings


Now is the time to pause and reflect on the meaning of Christmas -  a time to remember the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Here is a link to a short but beautiful Christmas video – reminding us that He is the Gift – video

We hope you have a joyful Christmas and a happy New Year

We are going to take some time off but will resume weekly articles in the first week of January.

Every best wish

Peter and Linda

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News from RootsMagic and an Exciting Indexing Experience

We recently had a nice surprise – RootsMagic released version 7 of their popular software!  http://rootsmagic.com/   Many of you know that we are RootsMagic enthusiasts.  The free RootsMagic Essentials version continues – so you can try that for free.

What’s New?  Three features we are excited to be trying:

(1).  Webhints – automatic hinting from both FamilySearch and MyHeritage – literally a lit lightbulb appears next to a name – you click on the bulb and follow the link!  - bulb goes white after you check the hint  - great potential! Peter tried and tried this feature and all he got was hints from old IGI extracted files with no images.   Linda started to look at Lightbulbs her – you may have to sign in to FamilySearch and MyHeritage when asked but you don’t need to have a tree at MyHeritage – and the first one she looked at was from a Swedish Parish church record which had the exact date of the baptism to go with the birth date that Linda already add!  Peter is still wondering why he hasn’t found anything good like that when he clicks on a light bulb!  He’s clicked on lots of light bulbs and Linda has just clicked on one!!! Linda clicked on her second light bulb and got an obituary of her dad from the Medicine Hat News!!!  Great!  – maybe Peter should let Linda click on light bulbs for him? Linda clicked on her third light bulb and got a copy of her wedding announcement from the Medicine Hat newspaper!!!! Peter still looking for something useful!!!!  Apparently MyHeritage has digital back issues of Medicine Hat News!

(2).  DataClean – “Quickly find and fix possible problems with names and places.  You choose which problem types to look for, and RootsMagic will display a list of all names or places with any of those problems.  You can accept RootsMagic’s suggestions, or just part of them, or hand customize the place right from DataClean.” Tried quite a few place cleans . . .  finally a tool to help me get the details separated from a place name without me re-typing them!  Look like powerful tools with lots of options!

(3). File Compare – “Compare any two RootsMagic databases for a side by side comparison.  Easily transfer people, names, events, notes, sources, or media between the two files.”   

Interestingly the data file structure is the same for both RM7 and RM6. 

There are many other features!

Watch the beginning of a webinar on RM7 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_ybuoDgXkg   The webinar starts by reviewing the 3 new features we mentioned above – you can hear what Bruce Buzbee, President of RootsMagic has to say! – and then goes on to discuss new features for creating web sites from your files  - very powerful – if you aren’t interested in doing this you can stop the webinar!

For more information on the changes go to Sue Maxwell’s blog where she has 2 articles on RM7 – http://granitegenealogy.blogspot.ca/ 

No native Mac version yet . . .  but there is a new version of MacBridge.  Happily they seem to have left all the existing features where they are on the menus!  Thank you! 

Upgrade prices are reasonable US$19.95 – and they have a Christmas special for gift purchases US19.95 at http://www.rootsmagic.com/holidayoffer/

Go to their blog article dated Nov 26 http://blog.rootsmagic.com/  for details

Indexing – both of us try to do some indexing at FamilySearch.org. Indexing is the process of entering information from scanned images of historical records into an online, searchable database.  This is vital to making the world’s records searchable online.  This week Peter was thrilled when he got to index the obituary for Steve Jobs! – kind of appropriate for him don’t you think!

Please try indexing – go to FamilySearch.org, click on the link to Indexing and at least try the Test Drive.

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Some Bits and Pieces

. . .  but important bits and pieces!

  1. Give a gift for Christmas at no cost to you!  I am a big fan of Genealogy In Time Magazine – arrives in my email box every Friday, is a Canadian site, has helpful articles, and great tools.  http://www.genealogyintime.com/  Well now we can do something to support them!  Do you ever buy from Amazon.ca or .com or .co.uk ?  Instead of going directly to the Amazon website go to http://www.genealogyintime.com/ scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on the link to Amazon!  Easy! – and Genealogyintime gets a small referral commission every time!  By the way, Genealogy In Time is celebrating it’s 6th birthday – and is featuring a list of its best articles as voted by readers.
  2. FindMyPast http://www.findmypast.co.uk/ continues to add great new collections – this week they added 13 million Scottish BMD transcripts – see the article in their blog at http://blog.findmypast.co.uk/  - and their Devon Parish Register collection is over 1.7 million records – wish I had ancestors from Devon! – and 250,000 Devon wills!  Worth learning to use the site if you have British ancestry!  Tip:  Want to know what collections are at FindMyPast?  Go to a searchable A-Z of record sets at the bottom of the menu Search Records.
  3. Sad news!?!  FamilySearch has announced that they are discontinuing their Photo duplication Service – which was free.  What was Photo duplication? “Photoduplication is a service provided to FamilySearch patrons who would like individual images from microfilm or fiche, copies of records, or pages in books that can be found in the Family History Library.”  There were limitations – such a they obviously wouldn’t copy entire books!  Nor would they go do your research for you!  But if you knew what you wanted and what book or film it was on . . . they would provide you with copies.   Why end this service?  Photo duplication Services will be discontinued as of December 5, 2014. As of this date, existing orders will be completed, but new orders will not be accepted.  As more microfilm and books are digitized and added to FamilySearch.org, and more links are made available to partner sites that already have this information digitized, the need for photoduplication will decrease. “ (https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Photoduplication_Services)

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