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Remembering World War 1 – and the impact on your family history.

World War 1 – also known as the Great War and  “the war to end all wars” – began in 1914 – One hundred years ago. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand took place on 28 June 1914 – diplomatic maneuvering … Continue reading

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A Folk Tale With an Important Message

This is a folk tale from the Lettish people who lived near the Gulf of Riga perhaps in present day Latvia.  Similar folk tales exist in several other eastern European cultures. When the world was young, people thought everything should … Continue reading

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Family Stories Are Important

“What would our great grandchildren wish we had done?” (Dennis Brimhall, CEO FamilySearch, speaking at the opening session of RootsTech 2013 in Salt Lake City, 21 March 2013) What does he mean? We are making history every day of our … Continue reading

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