Lower Cost UK BMD Information Coming, Free Weekend at Ancestry.co.uk and More

I hope you have a Happy Easter – and remember the life, and atonement of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

This article includes some time sensitive information so we are published early this week.

I enjoy reading Peter Calver’s work,  the founder of the very fine Lost Cousins newsletter , which is published every 2 weeks – Click Here to go to the latest edition.

Exciting things in the latest edition?  The very really possibility that we may get lower price access to the information on British Birth Marriage and Death certificates as a result of  the Deregulation Act receiving Royal Assent on 26 March 2015.  All researchers with ancestry in the UK need access to the records kept by the General Register Office but it has become so expensive.  The passage of this act may lead to alternative ways to access the information.  Read Peter’s article at http://lostcousins.com/newsletters2/apr15news.htm

Also – and this is very timely – this weekend until midnight Monday London time is a free weekend at Ancestry.co.uk!!!  This is a great opportunity to use the site for free.  Just don’t fall into the tempting traps for short or longer subscriptions – unless you really want to.  Follow the link in the third paragraph of the Lost Cousins Newsletter.

There are other very interesting items in the Lost Cousins Newsletter – including a link to very interesting research project on People of the British Isles.


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